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    Valve main parts material - stem material
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    Parts of the valve material, including a variety of different grades of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals and their alloys, a variety of non-metallic materials, etc..

    The material of the valve parts shall be selected according to the following factors:

    1, the working medium pressure, temperature and characteristics.

    2, the part of the force and the role of the valve structure.

    3, there is a good process.

    4, in order to meet the above conditions, have a lower cost.

    Stem material

    The valve stem in the valve opening and closing process, under tension, compression and torsion force, and direct contact with the media, as well as the relative motion between the friction and filler, the stem material must be sure to have enough strength and impact toughness of the temperature regulation, have certain corrosion resistance and scratch resistance, and process good.

    Commonly used stem materials are the following.

    First, carbon steel

    For water and steam medium of low and medium temperature does not exceed 300 DEG C, generally used in the A5 plain carbon steel.

    For water, steam medium and medium temperature less than 450 DEG C, general selection of 35 carbon steel.

    Two, alloy steel

    For medium and high pressure, medium temperature of not more than 450 degrees Celsius water, steam, oil and other media, the general selection

    40Cr (Ge Gang).

    For high pressure, medium temperature of not more than 540 degrees of water, steam and other media, the use of 38CrMoALA infiltration

    Nitrogen steel.

    For high and medium temperature steam medium does not exceed 570 DEG C, generally used 25Cr2MoVA chrome molybdenum vanadium steel.

    Three, stainless acid resistant steel

    For medium pressure and high pressure, medium temperature of not more than 450 degrees of non corrosive medium and weak corrosive medium, can choose 1Cr13, 2Cr13, 3Cr13 chromium stainless steel.

    For corrosive media, can be used Cr17Ni2, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, Cr18Ni12Mo3Ti and other stainless acid resistant steel and PH15-7Mo precipitation hardening steel.

    Four, heat resistant steel

    When the temperature of the medium temperature is not more than 600 DEG C, 4Cr10Si2Mo martensitic heat resistant steel and

    4Cr14Ni14W2Mo austenitic heat resistant steel.